The Black Notebook

20180707_103955.jpgI have a black leather notebook that I have gathered many notes, recipes, and starts of stories. There are lists and things that make me smile.

Take a peek:

Summer assignment based on an Italian teacher’s writing:

  1. Take a morning walk and think about the things you love most
  2. Use new words you learned
  3. Read as much as you can
  4. Avoid negative and empty people and things
  5. Feel how you feel
  6. Dance
  7. Watch the sunrise
  8. Play sports
  9. Find enchanting people and tell them
  10. Review notes from classes or learning or books
  11. Be happy as sunshine
  12. Don’t swear
  13. Watch films with powerful dialogue
  14. Dream about how your life could and should be
  15. Be good

I agree with almost everything on this list except #12. #15 is subject to interpretation! haha

These phrases are written down, but I don’t recall why.

Approach the year reading secretly

First grade is dead to us

Llama famous

I give myself permission – to what?


Chores I Actually Enjoy (inspired by Lydia Davis’s poem)



Cleaning out



The end.



The avocado salsa recipe is divine!!!

9 thoughts on “The Black Notebook

  1. That’s actually pretty cool! I’ve been really bad about journaling lately and I wish I did it more. I like the things you wrote down. Honestly, if you wrote them down, they are important.

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  2. I used to have a black notebook before as well. I specially chose black as it seems to serve the purpose well. It used to be my black journal because it’s all dark notes that’s in there. It’s where I make a list of all the people I’m getting back at, people who did me wrong, my plans for revenge, etc. It was evil. I had it since I was 11 and kept it until my 24th birthday. It’s gone now because my mom discovered it. Then burned it.

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