Reading The Queen of Hearts


Part of my “summering”is reading. Honestly, a large part of my life is reading but this is a slice of my summer reading.

The Queen of Hearts by Kimmerly Martin



This book is written by a medical professional. I heard about this book from a podcast interview with the author which persuaded me to read the book. The chapters go through time and also from different perspectives of various characters.

Some of my favorite thoughts and quotes from the book:

Page 3 had the word “comeuppance” Any book that starts with a word like that must be an interesting read!

Page 18 “…he can talk a herd of cats into a hot tub and he’s relentless when he wants something.”

The imagery of this line made me smile. Can you imagine the chaos of cats in a hot tub???

Page 25 “Emma, who’d had a determination to be a surgeon since the age of 3. Meanwhile, as a toddler, I’d aspired to be a bulldozer, a career path that received the enthusiastic support of my older brother.”

The idea of a character wanted to be a bulldozer when she grew up brought back memories of my brother playing with Tonka trucks and Bob the Builder Cartoons.

“Emma is the kind of person who can effortlessly transition from sleep in to a well-oiled machine like functionality. By contrast, I have to be poured out of bed each morning like human syrup, and I’ll lurch around, emitting miserable squeaks until I’m caffeinated.”

Human syrup is a phrase I wish I invented as a writer!

Page 314-315 “If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s this: the past is never really gone . It’s one long chain linking the present and also the future, and sometimes it doubles back on itself, exposing the things that you thought were buried.

“The chandelier the size of a cow” What a large piece in a house! I can visualize it!

I love the first paragraph here. I do not like this phrase either and like the way the author conveys a more logical explanation of the phrase “Everything happens for a reason”

This is an interesting quote from Carl Sagan which I want to delve into more personally.. The last line is a great ending line to a chapter.

I felt this book had a strong beginning and a strong ending. I got a little lost in the middle. I kept putting the book down after reading a page or two and that is usually not a good sign for me. Overall, I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to see how my fellow readers thought about it at book club. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comments!

What are you reading during the summer?

4 thoughts on “Reading The Queen of Hearts

  1. Some great lines here, especially the bulldozer aspiration and “human syrup.” As for my reading, I’m juggling a bunch of titles at the moment: _The Storytelling Animal_, _Thirteen Reasons Why_, and _Station Eleven_.

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