Summer Tuesday #SOL

A cold nose to my leg woke me today rather than an alarm. The German Shepard is more impatient than cell phones. It is my first day of summer break. I will read, write, and exercise today.

June is a month of transitions for me. A place I do not like to be in honestly. There is lots to do and prepare for.

The morning is a bit dreary with a light rain and cloudy start. Perfect for a midmorning nap.

Lists will be made later of actions that need to take place including books to read and places to send stories. Some of the lists have to be fun!

The lists will help keep me centered. Illusion of control is sometimes needed.

12 thoughts on “Summer Tuesday #SOL

  1. Ah, the cold dog nose! I really like the line about lists giving the illusion of control. That’s so true! Transition time is hard for me too–before I’m in my new routine. But I do love your prioritizing of reading, writing, and exercise! That has the makings of a very good day!

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  2. The nice thing about summer and lists is that although they keep you grounded if you stray from them it is not disastrous. You can get back to it when you want and tweak it as needed.


  3. Oh! The cold nose to remind you that you are not, in fact, in control – and your attempt to reverse that with lists. This is a feeling I know. May the transition be smooth – may the lists help. Well, the lists and the reading and the exercise. ๐Ÿ™‚


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