Bring on the Book Flood! #SOL18


As a reading teacher, I always talk about how classroom teachers need to have quality books in their rooms available to put into little one’s heads and hands.

The book flood is a concept in which so many books are brought into space that there are more than enough for students to find a book that speaks to them. You will hear many professional authors talk about this concept: Richard Allington, Penny Kittle, Kelly Gallagher, Donalyn Miller. Just like a swimmer needs a pool to learn how to swim, readers need books to learn to read.

There are several options to make a book flood happen in your classroom.

1.Personal debt – not the best option but Amazon and the local bookstore will love you.

2. Garage sales

3. Thrift shops

4. Library – for check out and for book sales

5. Grants

I wrote a small grant a couple years ago to purchase a class set of books that were based on children’s author Lester Laminack’s favorite books. He had shared a list of his favorite books (at the moment) at a Professional educational partnership event at Valparaiso University in 2010. The books were purchased to demonstrate the link between reading and writing, mentor texts, and great read-aloud stories to be enjoyed.

The ten books were

The Barn Owls and The Harmonica by Tony Johnston

Image result for the barn owls bookImage result for the harmonica book

The Other Side and Our Gracie Aunt by Jacqueline Woodson

Image result for the other side bookImage result for our gracie aunt book

Koala Lou and Wilfred Gordan MacDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

Image result for koala lou bookImage result for wilfrid gordon mcdonald partridge book

What You Know First and All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLaughlin

Image result for what you know first bookImage result for all the places to lover book

In November and Scarecrow  by Cynthia Rylant

Image result for in november bookImage result for scarecrow book

After the books arrived we held a professional development session for some specific ideas of how to use this book set. All the activities could be used with any of the books in the collection.

  1. Author studies for the 5 authors
  2. General word study activities
  3. General read aloud guidelines
  4. Writing activities
  5. Suggested questions
  6. Some specific activities that went with each book

It was a great experience and I had hoped to continue the process with other authors.

The books were loved and read over and over again!

7 thoughts on “Bring on the Book Flood! #SOL18

  1. Ha! Personal debt is always my strategy. Sometimes I feel like I work only to be able to kind of afford to buy books! Several of the books you highlight here are new to me, but given how much I love others on the list, I need to find the ones I haven’t read yet. I sense a library trip in my near future!!

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  2. Love the idea of a book flood. I also like that the students could choose some books and do a variety of different literacy activities with them. It really makes my students appreciate the books even more when they look at them through reader or writer eyes.

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  3. Book floods are my life and personal debt my m.o. I was glad you shared the list- as others have said based on the ones there that I know and love I will have to search out the others. It is always amazing to see how much you can get out of one book (or better yet, a book flood).

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