May Day #SOL18

db4de-slice-of-life_individualOne of my favorite writing prompts I use on May 1 is:

Finish this sentence: One day MAYbe…

How would you finish this sentence today? Please reply in the comments!

One day MAYbe I will see my name with my short story in an anthology with other short story writers!

One day MAYbe I will take a walk in the sunshine in May in Indiana! (Today might be that day)

One day MAYbe I will work my 6 pack abs back in shape!

In other news…

I am participating in STORYADAY May! So excited! If you would like to see the Day 1  prompt from Julie Duffy click here.



Happy writing today! And yes, I do like exclamation marks today – I do like May.


17 thoughts on “May Day #SOL18

  1. One day MAYbe I will: travel to Italy, drive cross country in an RV with husband, I will meet some of the people I have “met” thanks to TWT and SOL! Just a few MAYbes…


  2. This is so fun! Stealing for the 15 minutes before students go outside for recess!
    One day MAYbe I will open up a bookstore filling the shelves with the work of all of the wonderful authors I have met through the power of story.

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