How I Get Stuff Done


I have been listening to several productivity podcasts lately and have been contemplating what I do to get things done.

Here is my list for BE productive:

  1. I have a coffee ritual in the morning. I start my morning with my coffee and a slow movement out of the bed. If I do not do this routine I feel off for the rest of my day. The minimum time is 15 minutes
  2. I listen to my daily curated list podcasts on the way into work. I make notes of takeaways I want to remember and books or websites I want to look up later. Library holds are made if I can.
  3. I have to do a little bit of reading every day and a little bit of writing. Sometimes the writing looks like dictation into the phone app.
  4. When I arrive to my office, the projects I have to get done that day are scribed into my bullet journal and time blocks are set to work on them.
  5. For larger projects I have to get done that I’m having trouble focusing on, I will use the Pomodoro method which is extremely effective. I should use this technique more often!
  6. If I remember something that needs to be done I send myself an email from the car with a voice dictation.
  7. I feel better when I can run outside as opposed to running at the gym. The running keeps me mentally focused.
  8. My phone is almost always on silent so that I can not be distracted by it. I check it when I want to,  not when someone else deems it their priority.

What are your productivity hacks?

4 thoughts on “How I Get Stuff Done

  1. I’ve never heard of the Pomodoro technique, but I can imagine that it works. And I, too, keep my phone on silent so that it works for me & not the other way around. My only addition is “if you see it, do it” – if I’m walking past things in my house or at my work & they need to be moved, I pick them up. I pretty much always have something in my hands as I move around. It’s small, but it keep things moving in the right direction!


  2. What podcasts do you listen to? That would be a great topic for a blog post. I LOVE podcasts! I also keep my phone on silent and have the browser hidden and have removed all social media apps. Definitely helps me stay focused and not waste so much time!


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