Public Note Taking #SOL18

Gretchen Rubin says: “I’m a compulsive note-taker, and I used to feel self-conscious about pulling out my little notebook and taking notes during a casual conversation. Then I noticed that people really seemed to enjoy it; the fact that I was taking notes made their remarks seem particularly insightful or valuable. Now I don’t hold myself back”

In my own note-taking life students love when I tell them I am writing something down that they have said in my notebooks.

I log quotes from my own children and my husband in the KEEP app on my phone. We collect photos and phrases from the year for Christmas albums that have become a tradition. The kids will now tell me to write something now. “Put it on the list!” is often uttered in my house.

When I don’t feel comfortable whipping out my notebooks, I can be stealthy and take notes on my phone and it looks like texting. (I get some reading done this way on my phone with my Kindle app too!)

I take notes using dictation into my phone as I am driving or running for writing or teaching and coaching. I know that I can download my brain and then think about something else!

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