What I Learned in March

  1. I like challenges. I accomplished writing a post everyday. I was more thoughtful this year I feel too and improved my writing skill.
  2. It got a little harder to write every day around the 24th of the month and my other writing suffered. I still made notes and did a little short story writing but focusing on both would have required more time blocking.
  3. Planning a list of post ideas in Feb was a good idea. It saved me on days I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write.
  4. It is fun to borrow post ideas from other slicers. They are inspiring.
  5. I love my writing teacher tribe.
  6. It felt good to expand my writing. I was a guest blogger for the Teachwrite Twitter Blog and was super excited about it.
  7. My reading didn’t suffer at all from the challenge but my posts were school focused. I try to mix them up usually between writing, reading, and coach related ideas.
  8. Receiving and giving comments is fun.
  9. I love the people I connected with this month and hope it continues.
  10. Two writing teachers is amazing (this one I already knew!)

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