Archery Friday


My wellness teacher teaches an archery unit to her 8th graders. It is a fantastic and motivating unit for the kids, but also fun for the adults in the building. She always blocks out time for the teachers to shoot.

She is very organized and has an 11 point list of actions for the shooters to follow. Safety is first always.

This morning first hour I was able to shoot a dozen arrows and remember what it feels like. I had to be reminded of the procedure since I hadn’t shot since last year. I am obsessed with bows and arrows though. Archery is an advantage to coaching in a middle school building.

It was the highlight of the morning!


7 thoughts on “Archery Friday

  1. What a terrific opportunity for kids in middle school. I am glad you emphasized that safety in paramount. Teaching kids how to handle potential weapons ingrains necessary respect. There’s also so much skill involved in shooting straight—focus, particularly. It’s an art. I loved reading about this.

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  2. Love this! Our HS kids can take a gym class with archery in it. They also have opportunities for bowling and fencing, I believe! It’s great that the teacher is so organized and she sets time aside for staff….that’s what physical education is all about – it’s for everyone ! Thanks for sharing how you started your day!


  3. I WAS the same on Thursday when Daisy and I shot during first period. Had to figure out how to stand and shoot. Thank god for E’s 11 point checklist. Wish I would have gone on Friday too because now I’ll have to wait almost another year to shoot again.

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