Occam’s Razor #SOL18

db4de-slice-of-life_individualOccam’s razor is the theory that the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

“The problem is not to find the answer but to face the answer.”  Thomas McKenna

I was first introduced to this concept about 4 years ago by my husband before he was my husband. He recognized quickly by working with me that I had an overthinking problem. I had never heard of Occam’s Razor before him. Usually, I am the one quoting researchers and concepts that other people aren’t familiar with yet, so he really got my attention.

I knew we were designed to be together when he texted me a link to the article before I even had a chance to Google it. After we had a spirited conversation about the concept it became part of our verbiage. If he saw me spiraling he would simply say, “Occam’s Razor.”

When I make decisions now I try to keep in mind that humans often procrastinate because we overthink. I try to work out all the possible scenarios in my mind so I am prepared no matter what happens.

As I go through my day today I keep reminding myself of Occam’s Razor so I do not over complicate ideas and make my job more difficult.

7 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor #SOL18

  1. I new concept …And definitely a nice one ..Because I always do this just now I know the appropriate words for it …Thnk you


  2. I tend to be an overthinker too. I need to now think about this quote a bit more. I’m not exactly sure what it means to face an answer….Overthinking again???


  3. I am definitely in debt to you for providing me with this quote and solution to my overthinking things and procrastinating because of it. Off to finish my presentation for tomorrow’s PD, Tammy.

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