It’s A Party!

I am joining the party started by A Day In The Life.

Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we share a slice of life every single day in the month of March.

This is the slice that keeps on sharing. Sometime this month when you need a slice, (and yes, you know it WILL happen!) accept this invitation and join the party. The best part is that you can stop by anytime during the month, but here is the catch. You have to bring five items that are listed on the invitation above.

A favorite book:

Hands down it is THE IMMORTALIST by Chloe Benjamin. We would have a silent book party and just read!

A favorite person (living or dead):

Neil Gaiman. I want to hear him talk in his accent about books and reading. I want to hear him tell the story about being patted down before he left the house with his parents for books!

A favorite food or beverage:

I would make my prosciutto wrapped chicken and we would have a nice beverage of choice with it! It is super simple to make but fancy looking. Perfect for guests.

A favorite song:

To get the blood pumping this is the song I will bring:

A surprise:

A nice lined journal and some inkjoy pens for everyone! Then we would do a sketchnotes page on the first one to remind everyone of the great party time!

6 thoughts on “It’s A Party!

  1. If you brought Neil Gaiman, I would want to do nothing but listen to his voice! I am going to have check out The Immortalist, and Inkjoy pens are my favorite! So good choice for the surprise! Thanks for coming to the party! I will add you to the guest list.


  2. I keep seeing The Immortalist pop up on lists, so I really need to check it out. I am very excited to get that notebook and pen! Wonderful surprise! I’m also all for the silent reading party! That’s the kind of party that a bookish introvert could really appreciate.

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