Thursday Reflection

db4de-slice-of-life_individualYesterday was my Workshop Wednesday day. To be able to have professional development that is needs based for my staff I use team time twice a month. This is the time frame I create the environment to talk professionally or to bring strategies my teachers need.

For the first activity yesterday, I led each team through a trends chart about our last standardized testing window which produced professional discourse about what went well and what didn’t and the next steps to make the 2nd testing window more successful.

For the second section, I had my teams watch a video of a teacher deploying her FAVORITE NO strategy. The task was to answer the question: What do you notice? They had a graphic organizer with two columns to take their observations. One column was ACTION and the other was DIALOGUE.  In this exercise, the teachers always hyperfocus on what the teacher is doing in the video. This is not a bad focus considering we are working on becoming better teachers but I am trying to shift the mindset from the teaching to what the students are actually doing. To accomplish this task, we watch the video again and focus only on the students. They fill out the T chart focusing only on the students which changes the conversation. It is a paradigm shift to think about not only what is being taught but what is being gleaned by the students.

The video I used is My Favorite No which is a technique to pinpoint mistakes in math. I have also used it for grammar and sentence structure by lifting a paragraph from student writing to correct.

The list of takeaways from the discussions was large!

Modeling, students teaching each other, growth mindset, vocabulary, academic feedback, the importance of routines, etc.

I left the school walking on a cloud proud of the insights my teachers came to!

It was one of my favorite days as a coach. I had forgotten how fun Workshop Wednesdays are and how much the teachers look forward to them.


One thought on “Thursday Reflection

  1. Those successes can really boost us! So glad that your workshop fostered thoughtful reflection. I’m going to investigate Favorite No; that’s not a strategy I know.


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