db4de-slice-of-life_individualI live in an area of the country where we recognize daylight savings time. I usually think of daylight savings time as jet lag without the trip. I have felt off all weekend anyway and this loss of an hour did not help this morning. I also have a 4.5 hour drive ahead of me today with another time change. So, I guess this spring time I do have a trip!

I have an audio book to finish on my trip and some podcasts. Maybe some writing ideas will flow in my brain that I can dictate as well! Hopefully, I will have some writing time at the hotel tonight as well.


10 thoughts on “Jet Lag #SOL18 #TWTBLOG

  1. I’m with you. Daylight Savings Time makes me feel out of whack. I can tell the light is not quite where it should be throughout the day. Hope your traveling goes well!


  2. Perfect description of DST! I do like to have the extra light in the evenings–and I always try to tell myself it’s worth the few days of ‘off’ but wowzers the kids are usually on fire in my classroom this week. And that is something that I do not look forward to!


  3. Yes, daylight savings time has made me feel “off” today, I did not travel too far today as I ran errands only about 5 miles from my home. However, my parents returned to IL from FL and had to get up extra early for the daylight savings time change and time zone change. Bring on the coffee for Monday morning!


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