Wednesday Words…No Wisdom but A SMILE



Yesterday when I was teaching a 7th grade reading lesson about questioning, thinking, and annotation I posed this sentence stem at the bottom of the page:

The reading changed me because NOW I think…

We talked about the article in the WE DO section of the lesson and we determined collectively the author’s style was not to our taste. Credible sources was a topic of a previously taught lesson and I sensed the teachable moment to spiral back to this idea approaching as I wrote on the chart. So we talked about the stats in the article and how that added to our reading knowledge. To my model sentence, I added the idea of more credible sources.

Before the coaching session with the teacher I thumbed through the student work and laughed out loud when I read:

This reading changed me because I need a more incredible source.

I couldn’t agree more! Sources should be incredible! They are more memorable that way.

One thought on “Wednesday Words…No Wisdom but A SMILE

  1. Teachers who make kids think are the best. Sometimes you have to be tricky with those questions but when they answer you’ll find some of the best results. Thanks for sharing.


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