db4de-slice-of-life_individualBig Concept that makes me happy: Nourishment

Micro-action to lead to the BIG CONCEPT: Good FOOD every day!

Result: HAPPY!

Delicious food is important to me. Luckily, my husband is a great cook and takes great care of me in this way. (one of many of course!)

One particular thing that makes me happy is a lunch for the work day. Sometimes my hubby packs my lunch and sometimes I take the time to pack it myself.

I thought about a friend I worked with that packed her lunch every day when I taught with her 10 years ago. I admired the self-care that she took to make her lunch special every day. It was always balanced and she often packed some type of delicious looking fruit along with her sandwich. It was the type of lunch I would have traded for when I was in elementary.

Today my lunch makes me think of my Oma. Oma is the German word for grandmother but for my Oma, it was her name, not just a label. I heard a little girl call out “OMA!” in IKEA once and I automatically looked for MY Oma even though years had passed since I lost her. Everything about Oma memories are surrounded by food. She loved to cook and was excellent at it. Scrambled egg sandwiches are always comforting food as well as bologna and cheese with Miracle Whip!

Today my bologna sandwich nourishes me emotional and physically. It keeps my hunger at bay and also floods me with memories of my childhood! What more can you ask for from lunch?

#everydayhappy #SOL18


17 thoughts on “#SOL18 #EVERYDAY HAPPY

  1. I can’t imagine someone else packing a lunch for me. That hasn’t happened since grade school. I love the way this slice turned from lunch to warm memories. That’s what writing can do.


  2. We do need to take the time to care for ourselves. I have been packing lunches for my husband, myself, and for many years a couple of offspring. While they are not always exciting, I feel like they knew I was caring for them when we were apart during the day.


  3. Food is nourishment for the body, soul, and mind! I tend to take leftovers for lunch every day and boy do I look forward to lunch EVERY DAY! Food has a way of bubbling up memories – I felt nostalgic as I read yours! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oh, a bologna sandwich! A childhood comfort food. With mustard and sliced onion. Or with mayo and lettuce & tomato. Or with just butter on a slice of bread. And then there’s slices of fried bologna for lunch at home. It’s been a long, long time since I had a bologna sandwich… I’m the only one who likes it.

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  5. I love how food can bring up so many memories – sometimes good and sometimes bad. 🙂 I have fond memories of my dad feeding me beef stew (I must have been 3 or 4, maybe?) because I didn’t want to eat the vegetables. He would mash it into the rice and meat and then feed it to me and it was the ONLY way I would eat it. I love that your lunch brings you such great memories!


  6. I work with a couple of teachers whose husband pack their lunch – and that always makes me smile and maybe even laugh when they don’t like what they see when they open it! Isn’t it amazing how so many of our special memories are tied to food!

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  7. I still pack a lunch when I go to Jack’s house to babysit. Today I had an egg salad sandwich (something I love from being a child) topped with avocado (something I love as an adult). It was yummy. One of my favorite lunches is still soup and sandwich.

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