Getting to #EverydayHappy


I had an amazing weekend.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about the time but it felt that way. As I was running this weekend I was pondering what about the time spent made me so happy. Then I thought; if I can recreate those items I could be happy every day with some micro-actions, or even just a mindset shift that leads to a larger Big Concept for overall happiness. There are studies on happiness that I have read and studied in the past which I will reference as we go through this series of posts. Now you know the thought process…let’s begin!

Big Concept that makes me happy: Fitness and fitting into my jeans

Micro-action to lead to the BIG CONCEPT: Run

Result: HAPPY!

I love to run. I get into ruts every now and then, but I always come back to it. I have a brain that really does not turn off. To be trite, it is a blessing and a curse. Running is one of the few things that allows me to turn off my brain for a short period of time which is a factor I love. When I am angry it gives me an outlet to release some fumes.

I much prefer to run outside. I can only make it about 3 miles on the treadmill. This weekend I ran 20 miles in 3 days. It was glorious. I am a happy happy girl when I can get a run in of 10 miles. There is something about that distance that is satisfying.

So after analyzing,  one of the things I can do is run every day, even if it isn’t the 10 miles!


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