5 Questions on Friday!

5 on Friday

This week I was supposed to go into a classroom to model an annotation and questioning lesson. (The teacher called in sick today so it is pushed to next week now).

I love questions. I love to ask them of others and to reflect on them in my own writing and mind. I get questions from readings and listening.

Here are 5 Questions I am pondering today:

  1. What gives me life at work?
  2. What wears me out at work?
  3. Is there anything I can do to eliminate or diminish the effects of #2?
  4. What do I truly want to change?
  5. What do I miss from my teaching life?


Number 5 is the one that is popping out to me the most today. When I was planning and make the anchor charts for my lesson and thinking about student actions I was excited. I am truly looking forward to the responses and discussion that will come next week. To make the notes and think page more interesting I made it look like sketchnotes. My model on the large chart paper looks like a large version. I want my 7th graders to be motivated and I was thinking about how I would like notes to be more fun. I will let you know how it works! I used to take risks and ask kids in my class all the time to evaluate our practices and reflect. My goal was always to give them strategies they would use forever, not just for the next assignment or test.


I also miss the day to day schedule funny enough. I liked the Family meeting time, the group written chart story and mini-lesson, the independent writing time and conferencing. I miss the many real alouds a day and practice time. I need to incorporate a time blocking schedule to my coaching life. Even days that are dedicated to certain tasks to keep myself on track and get more focused work completed.

Questions 1, 2, and 3 had me thinking about my first teaching job and a life-changing conversation. A good friend and I in the first building I ever worked in, had a discussion about what I missed about college. She asked me specifically what I missed with the idea that I could incorporate those missed experiences into my life now. To basically take the essence of the actions and make it real again. I took that to heart and made some changes that were wonderful.

Questionย #4 had both a small and large impact on my thinking today. The small impact is a self-editing idea that I learned in high school. A teacher advised reading my piece one sentence at a time, starting at the end. Taking the sentence out of context allowed me to focus on the sentence itself without the content of the story surrounding it. I would be less likely to skip over important details this way.

The large impact is a change that I really want to work from home a couple of days of the month. I have to work on a plan to try to make that goal happen.


Just thinking!

Happy Friday!

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