Can You Feel the Love!?


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day here is a list of things I love today!

  1. Old school valentine cards

I bought some old school Valentine cards to give away to teachers today. They have little notepads on them with cheesy puns – what could be better for the day of love and friendship!? If it just makes one person smile, it is worth the small effort.

2. The Cult of Pedagogy empire

The podcast, the website, Jennifer Gonzalez. If you are a teacher and you don’t know her – look her up now – or just follow this link here. 

You won’t regret it! The only issue? You will go down a rabbit hole of resources and ideas so tell a loved one to come find you after 3 hours or so.

3. Post it Note Easel Pads

Chart paper that does not require tape – enough said.

4. Mr. Sketch smelly markers

I love these and have for years. The brown cinnamon one is my favorite.

5. Professional Conversations

I love great conversations full of big ideas, researchers names, pedagogy, educational theory, and intentional planning for student achievement! It fuels me and I have had several this week.

6. Writing Time

I am working on some pieces to get ready to submit for critique. I have a lot of rough drafts to edit! I love the writing  – the act and the product. I have been writing some longhand but mostly on the computer.

What are you loving today? Please share in the comments.

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