Everyone Needs A Coach #SOL18

db4de-slice-of-life_individualEveryone needs a coach.

Professional athletes have coaches their entire careers. There is never a time when a pro athlete says “I know all I need to know”.

I’m lucky in my life to have coaches that appear in real life and book format. Yesterday I had a phone follow up conference with one of the external coaches working with our corporation. I was able to unpack my own coaching and get some pushes from her to refine my craft. One of the benefits I adored about my TAP framework training and experience was the ongoing coaching support I received. Christie watched me teach lessons, watched me deliver PD, revised my paperwork and made me a better coach because she honed my skills and helped me overcome deficits.

Another way I’ve been coached in the past two weeks is by listening to the audiobook You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I ripped through this book. I even chose to listen to it over my podcasts! That is saying something!  I loved her style. The book is read by the author and I laughed out loud. The best part is the book forced me to hear some great advice that was just what I needed to hear right now.

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Yesterday I had a real life meeting with another consultant and my curriculum director. We had such a great professional conversation about teaching and researchers and past experiences and people in the professional field that we all knew. I love those types of conversations and it’s so enriching to me. I wish I had them more often.

This year I feel like we have a wheel of consultants! Right now we have 5. There are so many that I forget sometimes which meeting and consultant we are talking about!

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Another coach for me is Emily P. Freeman and her podcast The Next Right Thing. She is nourishing to me. A new podcast came out today if you are interested in giving her a listen! The title is “Look for Arrows (Not Answers)”.

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Who are the coaches in your life?


This is a great TED talk about coaches!


11 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Coach #SOL18

  1. Wow! You have an amazing circle of coaches! Thanks for sharing. I need to think long about who the coaches are in my own life.


  2. Thanks for sharing your coaches so we, too, can be coached and grow! Some of my coaches in my life are colleagues right here in my building. Their coaching isn’t as formal as some of yours (as you’ve described) – sometimes simple hallway conversations, questions, discussions turn into coaching moments. You never know when this type of coaching is going to happen but I am always ready for it! (other coaches include twitter friends, authors, presenters!) Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I agree that everyone needs them a coach to make them better at what they do. Unfortunately, I have known some teachers who look at coaches as interlopers who are trying to find what they are doing wrong. How sad for them.


  4. You are lucky to have so many great coaches in your life. I love that you mentioned not just people but also books that have helped you. I certainly have some books that have acted like coaches at various stages of my teaching career. I know that Jennifer Gonzalez and her podcast, The Cult of Pedagogy, is a coach for me, as well as Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers podcast. I always learn something new from listening to them. Thank you for encouraging me to think about the coaches in my life.


    • Congratulations on being a slicer! Welcome to the community. I will click over and check out your slice and comment as well.

      Coaches in all their forms are wonderful. I’m glad you have great one


  5. Coaches are such great resources! I wish to be as effective as some of the coaches I work with, but I know that just by being around them and listening, I’ll get there one day. I can’t wait to listen to You Are a Badass! The title alone has got me intrigued! Thanks for the suggestions!


    • Thank you! You can share it with teachers. I would appreciate it if you give me credit for it and direct them to my blog. That would be awesome! I’m going to be posting more soon about each of those pieces as well so stay tuned


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