Two Hour Delay…HOORAY! #SOL18

db4de-slice-of-life_individualIt’s a much happier day

When we have a two-hour delay!

I’ve been lucky this week to have 2- two-hour delays because of weather. This week it has worked especially well because it extended my fabulous weekend. Monday night is always a late night for me so this morning to get a little bit of extra sleep was wonderful. At this point in my life, I look at the two-hour delay as a gift of time. It is time for me to enjoy my coffee and for me to shower when the sun is actually streaming through the windows instead of the darkness.

The two hours allows the commuters and plows to rid the road of ice and snow. There is also the benefit of the sunlight. The difficulty this morning was drivers not reading the signs…

Five years ago I would have panicked and would have tried to get to school as quickly as possible no matter the safety issues. Luckily I never had an accident or some sort of problem.

Gifts of time are hard to come by and I’ve learned to appreciate them instead of trying to move quickly to the next thing!

What surprising gifts of time have you become aware of?

11 thoughts on “Two Hour Delay…HOORAY! #SOL18

  1. When I was working I also looked forward to delays. However it didn’t mean I had extra time to relax. It just meant that I didn’t have to shovel out the car in the dark. It was really nice if the call came the night before so that I could reset my alarm.


  2. When I read your words, “Gifts of time are hard to come by…” I paused and thought, a gift of time is a priceless one to give also. Thanks for reminding me.


  3. I found a little extra gift of time this morning with my students. I don’t know exactly what we did differently, but we ended up with enough time for a bonus read aloud, always a good thing. Thank you for sharing your gift of time! It’s a good perspective on what could be a stressful time.


  4. Growing up in a warm sunny place, I haven’t ever experienced any kind of weather delay and would always be jealous when I saw other places that had “snow days.” Now that I’m older, I think I’m thankful because I’m not sure what I’d do in difficult weather, but I will admit that I was still jealous of your 2-hour delay! 🙂 It’s true though, the gift of time is so precious and far and few between! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Two hour delays are wonderful! Today was a cancellation and more weather predicted overnight, so I may get to drink my coffee from a mug tomorrow too. Truly a gift of time.


  6. Feels like not much rest for the weary in these parts. I do like how you capture the disproportionate power of even a small gift of time, like two hours, which makes me recall my favorite small pocket of time often turns out to be some quiet early-morning hours.


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