What Feeds Your Creativity? #DIYMFA

Writing ideas seem to flow unless I am sitting in front of the blank page, then sometimes I am stuck. Over the years, I have used a variety of tools to fuel my creativity so the words show up on the page and not just in my brain. After I started gathering the tools in a list I realized it is quite lengthy!

Where do I find my inspiration?

  • Talking and listening to students
  • Word lists
    • My own lists from freewrites or morning pages
    • Lists from writing books/websites
    • Wednesday WORD SALAD at storyaday.org
  • My collection of thoughts and ideas that I dictate to a Google Keep Doc on my phone, in my notebooks or index cards I carry in my purse
  • Twitter – either a writing prompt or a phrase from someone’s tweet
  • http://www.Toasted-cheese.com prompts or contests
  • The Ray Bradbury word exercise (see my blog post https://tammysreadinglife.wordpress.com/2017/10/24/ray-bradburys-writing-triggers-sol17/)
  • Random phrases from books I collect in a list that I use as a sentence stem
  • Quickwrites in response to a poem
  • Tarot cards randomly chosen and write about their meaning
  • Ideas from a writing podcast I heard that morning!


Many of these ideas work for me to start a piece or to continue in a story when I am stuck. During NANOWRIMO I was in a classroom visit and decided to quick write in an 8th-grade classroom with the students. I ended up using that quick write to continue with a story in my collection that worked perfectly. Before that quick write, I was at a standstill to what direction I wanted to move forward.






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