Library Holds: Slice Of Life #SOL17

There is something satisfying about walking into the local library and picking up a delightful stack of books that I have put on hold. The Google Library Extension is my friend. I know that the more books I check out the more money the library receives so I feel good about it.

Yesterday I picked up:

Smoke and Mirrors from Neil Gaiman, to further my knowledge and read exemplars of short stories – I am a huge Gaiman fan and was surprised I had not downloaded this book on my Kindle already

Image result for smoke and mirrors neil gaiman

Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich which is my book club pick for December

Image result for future home of the living god louise erdrich

Out on A Wire by Jessica Abel which is a wonderful resource for writing and storytelling recommended by author Rachael Herron – Jessica also has a wonderful podcast that has workshop episodes

Image result for out on a wire

I am looking forward to reading during my lunchtime today!


3 thoughts on “Library Holds: Slice Of Life #SOL17

  1. Coming off Thanksgiving break, I just went on a reading binge, so I empathize with that happy-stack feeling you describe. Recent titles that left my pile include _Draft No. 4_, _One Half from the East_, _All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook_, and _This is Where It Ends_.

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