American Ninja Warrior – At Home

slice-of-life_individualOur family is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior. We have watched it as a family for several years and this past weekend we transformed into participants with our at home version.

We set up a course in our house this past weekend on a budget. My husband used all the random items in the garage to make obstacles and it was super fun. The kids and I have talked about making obstacles in the backyard including a warp wall and a peg wall,  but that is a project for next spring.

We set up “floating chairs” in the hallway, balance beams with an egg balance, a tape maze, a ring toss, a ball toss, a rope and elevated ladder they had to walk across, and a climbing wall. A bell was used as a buzzer at the end of the course.


tape maze

Above you can see the tape maze that the kids had to navigate with an egg on the spoon. We lost about 3 eggs over the course of 2 days.

Garage Ninja

Above you can see the climbing wall and the ladder the kids walked across with the assistance of the rope tied to the beams. The ring toss in the foreground proved to be difficult and ate up a lot of time for several participants.

The kids went through the course and we timed them each heat. It occupied about 4 hours total over the weekend. There were several rounds of competition and then they decided to run it backwards. It was super fun the whole time.

For one run we taped a cell phone to their chest and recoreded from their perspective which was fun to watch. A much cheaper version of a Go PRO!

There were educational pieces as well discussing the timing, minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds. We problem solved how to get a faster time and what factors contributed to slower or faster times.

This will definitely be a continuing practice at our house throughout the winter. The kids are already planning their own obstacles they would like to see in the next course. We also plan to incorporate some elements that resemble Survivor games as well. It makes for a good combination of skills and ideas that are not all physical.



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