Office Clutter

I have moved rooms/offices 5 times in 2 years. This process has resulted in approximately 75% of materials and books being dispensed or discarded. Items were shared with students and teachers. I digitized many files and papers and saved on flash keys or Google drive. I have not found myself searching for documents that “I know I have somewhere.” I only seem to be missing student evidence that accompanied professional development sessions I had created.

I still seem to have an abundance of books and materials that are overwhelming my office space. The books are thrown into the bookcases haphazardly and I stack. I am constantly trying to create and tend to print papers and ideas in bulk. I am constantly thinking about multiple projects at once but need to find a method of being able to see it and not lose it in a file cabinet.

Part of my issue is a past experience. When I moved from teaching fourth grade to first grade I purged many materials I didn’t think I would use again. Then I moved into a reading specialist position and needed many of those materials since I worked with kindergarten through fifth grade. Since then, I am reluctant to get rid of much of anything.

I have used the Konmari method at home with success to clear clutter and purge.  The idea of holding onto only what I love was freeing and worked. Professional resources seem more difficult for me.

These are the Konmari questions to use:

Does it spark joy?

Is it necessary?

Does it work?

Does it have a designated place to live?

I need to evaluate if a resource is necessary or if it was effective. I need to determine if it is a resource I would share, and if not then I need to get rid of it. If it is something to share,  I need to formulate a plan of what type of PD it can be most effectively deployed.

A chart with a time frame for ideas may work for highlighting projects to work on,  or list on a page in the bullet journal. Some projects get snippets of time and not Deep Work scheduled time slots which may push it down the priority list.

Finding the time for this process may also be challenging.

Have you found an effective method of purging your educational resources? If so, please share in the comments.

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