A couple years ago I read a poem about waiting and I asked a colleague if she felt like she was always waiting for something. She said yes. This notion comes back to me now and again and plagues my ponderings.

Aren’t we always waiting for something?

I am waiting for certain things to be over and certain things to begin. We are waiting for time periods to end in our lives so we can move to the next one.

Some are large and some are small.

I am waiting for the ISTEP+ window to be closed so I can stop testing. I am waiting for the weather to be better so I can run more miles outside. I am waiting for lunch time because I am hungry. I am waiting for a book to come out so I can read it. I am waiting for the end of the day so I can leave…or go to sleep. I am waiting for a certain time.  I am waiting…I am waiting…

But even when we are done waiting for what we are waiting for…there is something else to wait for after that.

I need to remember that we are in the moment and that is what is important. I need to savor the time that I have NOW.

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