Ten on Tuesday

Ideas to remember:

  1. I want to try to remember to write my own feelings during a meeting while I am taking notes. I read this tip over the last 2 weeks – although I cannot remember where – and I want to try it to see what happens.
  2. Pay attention to the little details especially when it comes to watching people for character development.
  3. Write – everyday – no excuses.
  4. Take time to read.
  5. Zadie Smith: “If you never take a class in your life, you can still become a professional writer – as long as you read. The reading isn’t optional.”
  6. Forgive …but do not forget.
  7. Learn new words this week.
  8. Enjoy the new running shoes and the joy of the run.
  9. Keep my sense of wonder and magic.
  10. Breathe!

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