The Boston Marathon – My Experience

Today was the 121st running of the Boston Marathon. Every year on Patriot’s Day my memory is flooded with my own experience running the race in 2012. It was the best and worst race of my entire life. I was so excited to be running this prestigious marathon. It was a hard time in my life since my Opa had just passed away.

Some thoughts:

  • Heartbreak hill was amazing.
  • It was hot that day.
  • I found I do not like point to point marathons.
  • I had another runner ask me if I had run the St. Charles, IL marathon because she recognized my back wings tattoo.
  • I did not want any water or beverages at the end of the race – I just wanted the medal!
  • The color that year was orange and I have a jacket from the race expo I love and wear often.
  • I talked to the designers at Saucony about Fastwitch shoes!
  • I had a great meal at the Whiskey Priest on the water.
  • There was a point I questioned whether I would ever run a marathon again in the middle of the race.
  • My legs were SHREDDED by mile 24 even though I had trained due to the terrain.
  • I had dinner the night before the race with my teammates.
  • It is an experience I will never forget.

I think I will go run now.

2 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon – My Experience

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