What I Learned in March SOL #31

  1. I use too many adverbs in my writing.
  2. Life isn’t fair.
  3. Books and reading are the answers to most problems. (This one I might have known already but it is important.)
  4. I have enjoyed the process of blogging everyday.
  5. I enjoyed commenting and receiving comments.
  6. The consistent writing has kept me motivated for other writing projects.
  7. I will continue to read other bloggers that I have come to rely on for daily inspiration for thinking and writing.
  8. Having a regular time that I post on my blog was good for me. I will continue this practice.
  9. My job is inspiring to me in many different ways.
  10. I have support for my writing.
  11. I can ask for help.
  12. Podcasts give me writing ideas.
  13. I need to be more concise with my words.
  14. There are other people who enjoy the quirky topics that float through my head!

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