In My Purse SOL#30

I remember the magazine spread in Seventeen magazine where someone’s purse contents were arranged by a designer to get a peek into their life. I always had wished that it would look so artistic when I dumped my purse, but of course that never happened! My husband says he is afraid to go in my purse  – that something will bite him. 🙂 There are no live creatures but right now it contains:

-my wallet (of course) with all the necessities including pics of all my kids and my husband but no cash

– my phone

-my Kindle

-3 other books

-3 notebooks


-new earbuds

-gum, Rolaids

-a Lanyard from a TED talk event

-old jewelry I have been meaning to sell for the gold


-my lunch for today


Now that could be a story!

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