Normal? SOL #28

At lunch yesterday the topic of normal came up in conversation. The idea of normal and what it is has come up for me over the years many times.

I am not sure what normal is. Is normal a real concept or an illusion? I suppose normal is real to some degree. There is normal “for me”. I do not see myself as normal. I see things differently than other people and I have come to accept this fact over the years. 

I enjoy the alone time and solitude and that is normal for me, but sometimes hard for other people to understand. Ultimately it makes me recharged so I can continue to battle the world. I also need (lots of ) books and time for reading and writing. I need inspiration. This is normal for me. But then again, maybe typical is the right word.

Normal sometimes feels like only the setting on the dryer. Many events and rituals have changed for me over the past couple of years including major holidays. Those events have NOT been normal at all. There was a Thanksgiving I didn’t spend with family and I didn’t cook. The menu for Christmas Eve dinner changed 3 years ago when it had been the same my entire life – and I really needed it to stay the same that year.

Is normal a feeling? A set of events or patterns? What is normal to you?





7 thoughts on “Normal? SOL #28

  1. Im not sure what normal is either… I don’t think it can be defined. Maybe it’s our habits and daily routines which make up normal ‘for me’?


  2. This is such an interesting question and one I’ve struggled with a lot, especially as I’ve become a parent and started worrying about my kids being “normal.” I love the idea of normal as embracing who you are. I agree that the real normal is, as you put it, “normal ‘for me.'”


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