Dreams SOL#27

I am fascinated by dreams. The dreams of the nighttime variety that is. I love to hear about what runs through peoples’ minds during the night. I used to be able to remember most of my dreams and would write them down. Many have become the nuggets of short stories lately since I am trying to create more. The weirder the better in my mind.

Sadly, the last few weeks I have not been able to remember any dreams at all.  They have been unsettling because I wake up with that strange feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Not a nightmare necessarily.

I pay attention to the lightness or darkness of the dream. I  have only dreamed of flying once. I have a reoccurring dream of witches that I have had since I was about 7. I have only dreamed about my Oma (grandmother) twice.

Do you remember your dreams?

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