Word Wednesday SOL #22

I annotate my own reading and especially like to make lists of new vocabulary.

Some favorite words that I have come across and I am trying to incorporate into my personal vocabulary are:

  1. alacrity – cheerful readiness/ promptness or willingness
  2. pontificate – to express your ideas in a way that is pompous
  3. elucidate – to make clear, explain

Vocabulary is fun! Do you have favorite or new words you are trying to incorporate?



4 thoughts on “Word Wednesday SOL #22

  1. I love words and often make it known to my students that I am a lover of words – epscally when exposing them to a new one. I like to learn new words or new uses for words as well! Merriam Webster online dictionary offers a word of the day that you can even listen to via podcast. The man who reads the words/definitions has a captivating voice, too! I annotate my books with connections to my life.

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  2. I still put tabs on sentences to use for context work (even though I’m retired). It takes a long time to break old habits. Here’s one I found in my recent read, A Night Divided: “Most of our entertainment came from Fritz’s record player, which was good enough most of the time. And we had no Trabant like other families, (here I would cover the rest of the sentence to make predictions about the word Trabant) and then reveal the rest of the sentence which clearly reveals the meaning of the word Trabant, “…but it was okay to walk where we needed to go, and besides, they were ugly cars anyway.”

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    • And alacrity was one of our 6th grade WOW (words of the week). I didn’t know it until I taught it the first time. And once you learn a new word, it pops up everywhere. Can you tell that I love words too?

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