Good Life Project SOL#21

I have never pre-ordered a book before How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science, and Practical Wisdom by Jonathan Fields. I am still so excited about this book that I recommended it to all kinds of people after it was released in October. I also included it in my Favorite Party post. I was a little dismayed when it came out for kindle for 99 cents after I had paid full price less than a month later. I did share this information with friends so they could snag the book for cheap. My original plan was to order hard copies to give away, but there was an issue with the site I was using. It worked out that many friends acquired the book on their own devices for almost nothing with the sale. It is a good companion book to Start with Why by Simon Sinek and Gabby Bertstein’s work.

I listen to a lot of podcasts during my commute,while running, and working out at gym. I cannot remember how I originally found Jonathan and his books. Probably another podcast.

The How To Live A Good Life book speaks to me in several ways. The research makes me happy as well as the format of practices to implement. The why is included, and the how is included, which I greatly appreciate. This book came to me when I really NEEDED to read some of these chapters to help get my head right again. I truly appreciate its words and ideas.

The concept is we all have three buckets: Vitality, Connection, and Contribution. The more evenly these buckets are filled in our lives, the better our life is. Vitality is mind and body; Connection is about relationships; and Contribution is what you give to the world. The buckets all leak so you have to work at keeping them filled.

Many of the chapters were reminders of practices I had done in the past and just needed to resurrect. Examples of these practices are: the loving kindness meditation, finding your tribe of people (Seth Godin’s research too), the 36 questions to fall in love, daily exercise, reading, and eliminating energy vampires.

Some were new. Forest bathing (my new obsession), WOOP, Finding your Killer App, loving the job you are in, and asking people to help you.

It made me want to find a group to sit and chat with about these ideas. I read the book straight through first and  continue to revisit the chapters that apply at the moment for what I need. I formed a small group at work to discuss the book. Time is limited and the conversation always wants to stretch way beyond the boundaries we have. We use the book study guide.

I have a page in my bullet journal dedicated to the 3 buckets and my lists of personal reminders for each one. I do not visit that spread as often as I should. I do refer back to the book on my Kindle and my notes. I typically prefer this type of non fiction book in hard copy so I can flip, write in it, and place all types of sticky notes in it.  Maybe I will find a used copy somewhere soon and I can do just that.

This book has caused me to research Forest bathing and I even read The Nature Fix . I am so intrigued by this outdoor concept I want to use some of the research to help some of the middle schoolers I work with to help with their behavior. I work at an environmental school where we sit on 100 acres of wooded area. There are trails and trees and water at my disposal to take walks in the woods throughout the year. It inspires me too to think of the  poet and essayist Mary Oliver escaping into the woods with her books to sit amongst and in the trees to read. How I would love to escape somedays!

This book is full of personal and text connections for me. The more I talk about it the more I seem to connect. This book will be with me for a long time and hopefully it will help me to continue to grow – in all 3 buckets.

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5 thoughts on “Good Life Project SOL#21

  1. Wow, what a stellar endorsement! I am definitely going to read this book now! I wish we could start a virtual book club where all of us who read your post can read the book and chat about it…that way we wouldn’t have any issues with someone who didn’t do the reading!!!! 😉

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