Dinner for 6 SOL #18

If you could choose 5 people to have dinner with who would they be?


1. Neil Gaiman

2. Grandpa Frank

3. OMA

4. MAYA Angelou

5.Gabby Bernstein


8 thoughts on “Dinner for 6 SOL #18

  1. This is an interesting format. Short and sweet. It made me think about who I would invite to dinner. I like your mix between family members and interesting celebrities.


  2. Great question…. My dad (he’s in Heaven), my mom, my husband, my Gramma B and my Grandpa S. I was originally going to put Lucy Calkins and Coach K. but then realized all 5 are at the same dinner and my mom and dad couldn’t care less…LOL


  3. Hard to say…. sometimes I think it would be some of the politicians. I really want to ask them to get their head in the game!
    1. My grandfather
    2. Lewis Puller – famous Marine.
    3. My wife. Kids seem to take all of our time. We rarely get a nice dinner together.
    The last two I would hold off on for a while. As I age my list will change.


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