Time SOL#13

Time is a concept I am obsessed with – I love to read books that have time elements in them – Life after Life, The Time Travelers Wife, A Tale for the Time Being, etc. I love time pieces and even have a pocket watch as part of a tattoo. Many of my writing has a time element in it as well. So one would surmise that the consequence of Day light Savings Time would not irritate me so much as a function of living in the Midwest. I have had to deal with time changes my entire life and in my mind should be used to it by now. I am not.  In one way I could spin the concept to think about me living my own story with its own time element, but this idea doesn’t make it more bearable either.

It honestly doesn’t make sense to me is the largest issue in my brain. I have read the articles about why we do it and the reasons do not hold water for me. It is jet lag without the trip in my humble opinion. I cannot control this issue so I will not fret. I am sure that time changes will find their way into a story this week which is how I will chose to deal with the frustration!

So if I look tired – I will blame it on the hour I SPRUNG forward on Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Time SOL#13

  1. Great Literature you refer to in your post. I can also relate as I too am having a tough adjustment to the time change as well! I feel that in the last few years they have affected me more and more. Let’s just say it was a tough morning getting us all out of the house and I may be more caffeinated than usual. 🙂


  2. It was definitely harder than usual getting out of bed this morning! The fact that the temperature was way below freezing didn’t help, either. Oh well, have a good Monday anyway! ~JudyK


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