Flash Fiction: Let’s Buy A Reindeer


She awoke to his hand on her backside resting while he gently snored in her ear. As she woke she smiled and heard the rest of the house waking up.The elixir was brewing in the other room and she realized she craved that cup to get her going. She was warm all over. From sleep, from his closeness, and from the summer morning air. She carefully moved as to not disturb him. His sleep was peaceful tonight and she wanted him to absorb as much energy from the rest as he could.

The love that radiated from her was so unlike anything she had ever felt. Yet felt like it was always that way since it was so pure. He opened his eyes and sighed…

“Let’s buy a reindeer.”


“Let’s buy  reindeer and put him in the front yard.”

“Where are we going to get a reindeer?” she asked laughing.

“From Amazon, they sell everything!”

“What do we need a reindeer for?”

“Need is relative. He could eat all the stuff in the yard. It would be festive.”


The couple looked for a reindeer that evening while in bed just before sleep. You cannot buy a reindeer from Amazon…yet. Within the same living creature vein they did search for bees and bee hives which seemed more reasonable. After some research it was discovered that bees and hives are a much more involved process than one would imagine.

She thought about the dreams that are created your significant other can be an eye opening experience and dream. The more ridiculous the more desire to fulfill the dream and take action to really do it becomes strong.

As she washed the dishes that night she thought about the idea of bringing out the fun and passion from just the idea of buying a reindeer on line and having it delivered to the house is outrageous and brilliant at the same time. The smile that stretched across her face lasted through the whole chore. She wondered what they would dream together that night.



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