My Black Notebooks SOL#8


Random thoughts bombard me almost constantly so therefore I carry a notebook around with me all the time. Note this is a positive idea, especially for my writing.

A couple of years ago I started using the same black notebook at work. Students began to notice this notebook and that I wrote in it all the time. They started to inquire what I was writing. In lessons I will often say, “I love that! I am going to write it down in my notebook.” Students inspire me. Most of the time when I look back I am rushed back to the time and place of which I wrote the thing down – sometimes I am at a loss as to what I was talking about!

I just recently learned the term: COMMONPLACE book , which seems to sum up what my notebooks are. Compilations of information, quotes, snippets of conversation, printouts, things cut from magazines,  and random thoughts. I am using a bullet journal style format now mostly. I enjoy the little sketches and play with text and line with check boxes. It is visually appealing and I like the aesthetic. The filled books are lined up in a cabinet in my office and I often look through them for inspiration.

I also have several smaller notebooks in my purse – one of which is a Harry Potter notebook with the most wonderful cream paper you have ever seen!

In the car during my commute I used the note app on my phone and voice texting to capture thoughts that then get transferred to a document when I get some free time to get it down.

Today’s randomness from the commute do you wonder? Thoughts about my writing process and following through with completion of a piece of writing. Those thoughts will show up in another SOL later in the month!

Do you keep a notebook?

6 thoughts on “My Black Notebooks SOL#8

  1. This is a great way to model what writing can look like for your students. It also will give you lots of materials or a story when you are stumped. I wish I had written down those sweet incidences when I taught elementary students. I’ve been a bit obsessed with journals since I was young. I started using bullet journaling last summer. Love the term, “Commonplace book”.


  2. I carry what seems like a thousand notebooks with me, but my perfectionism has often stopped me from using them in an organic way. I’m always afraid to start using one for fear I’ll “ruin it” in some way. But I’ve recently given up a lot of that control and it’s definitely freeing!

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. How powerful to have all your journals in one place and to go back and read them from time to time. You have a wealth of writing material ready to use.
    I love journals of all kinds – different ones inspire different kinds of writing – or drawing – for me.


  4. I love the idea of a commonplace book and taking it along to work. It’s a great idea to model to students.
    Great idea to use voice texting to jot down ideas in phone. Will need to figure out how to do that.


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