My Reading Study

What is your earliest reading memory?

I love asking this question. I have asked it to many people and have been surprised and fascinated by the variety of answers.

I have had friends tell me the books that turned them onto reading and the ones that turned them off.

Some are school memories of reading groups and teachers reading aloud. Some are personal memories of books at home, parents, and family reading. The most amazing part of this exchange is the look on people’s faces. Most light up with the memory or become passionate about their answer – positive or negative.

I remember ordering from the Scholastic book order in Kindergarten. My mom had bought me The Night Before Christmas with the record.(Yes, I am dating myself.) I also ordered The Long Winter which was my favorite chapter book for the longest time in third grade. I have always loved reading and the library. Now I carry a book with  me always and always have a book available on my phone. Words are important to me. Books have made me more empathetic, they give me words when I have none, and they make me a better person.

So please share if you feel so inclined! What is YOUR earliest reading memory?






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