SOL #6 – Commutes

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My commute is 2 hours long a day (one hour each way to school) which means I have become reliant on podcasts to try to satisfy my insatiable quest for knowledge and also to pass the time with a reasonable activity. I have attempted audio books in the past, but only recently within was able to tolerate a whole book. I also have an internal fight with myself about whether it “counts” as reading. I have seen the research that the brain doesn’t know the difference, but my reading mind has a different opinion. This internal dialogue also occurred when I debated whether to become an e-book reader!

I have now downloaded the Overdrive app from the county library and have been listening to The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern.  It was recommended as a great audio book by the What Should I Read Next podcast of which I am a loyal fan. I must admit I am completely mesmerized by this book! I read the print version within the last year and recommend it all the time.

I made the connection that it reminds me of being read aloud to as when I was younger. It cannot just be anyone to read aloud – someone has to have a talent for it. I taught with a woman many years ago who would read aloud in a meeting and transport us into the book. She was a wise reading specialist and full of experience that I learned from every time I spoke with her. Lester Laminack can also read aloud to me any time and I am transfixed!

The magic of read aloud is a talent that many teachers possess and is key to exciting children to read. I hope that I continue to find audio books that are worth the time. Any suggestions in the comments are welcome!

#happy reading!



5 thoughts on “SOL #6 – Commutes

  1. I also have an hour + commute each way and listen to audio books. A couple recent ones I finished and loved were Night Divided and Daring Greatly.


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