Slice of Life #4

slice of life_individual

Today my son turns 14.

I remember the smell of popcorn making me nauseous when pregnant.

I remember craving hot dogs.

I remember praying for him.

I remember making Christmas sugar cookies with LOTS of sprinkles while he stood on the stool. He would get it himself to help cook when he was as young as 3.

I remember every first day of school.

I remember him breaking his arm while roller skating.

I remember his first communion.

I remember him laughing in Hawaii, in the mountains, and at Disney World.

I remember the imaginary friends.

I remember the books I read…then the books he read to me.

I remember…

More memories to come!



3 thoughts on “Slice of Life #4

  1. So glad to have the memories, right? My daughter turns 14 this year in just a few months… I can’t believe she’s off to high school!

    This is a great format! I remember…


  2. Being a mother fills your life with memories. Your memories made me think of my own children growing up. (They sure seem to grow up quickly!) Memories continue even now as my two are in their twenties. Enjoy and savor every moment.


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