Hygge – My Newest Obsession Slice of Life #3

I am obsessed with this Danish concept of coziness. I first read about it in A Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell last year. I realized this feeling was one I had experience with but had no real world to describe. Reading gives you words and descriptions of things you don’t always know how to articulate. I have had this feeling of HYGGE many times at holidays and my Oma’s house but most recently from a special book club group full of some of the most interesting people I have ever met. They are professionals and progressive thinkers and readers and creators. I love them all! As I read more and more I am trying to incorporate as much Hygge-ness in my life.

I often imagine a room full of books and a small group of people sitting around in overstuffed chairs with good snacks and coffee or wine having an intellectual conversation. The conversations I so crave and miss from my on-campus college days of undergraduate work that I receive now from certain small groups of friends and my husband. The lighting is low and there is a fire in a fireplace with candles lit all around the room. I almost wish I could make this a business – to make it “a thing that doesn’t exist” but I am still working on the critical attributes of what that would actually entail and how to make it come to life.

I came home to this type of scene just last night. The fireplace was roaring and the coals and wood were red hot and crackling with a delicious sound. I had a beverage made for me next to the faux leather chairs that sit at the hearth. Dinner was corned beef that had a sweet glaze and fell apart when my fork tines touched the flesh, crispy cabbage, and red potatoes. I dubbed it “fireplace food.” The conversation was about the day and politics and big dreams. My attire was comfy pants, an enormous sweater, and my favorite slippers. It was heaven…and Hygge!


3 thoughts on “Hygge – My Newest Obsession Slice of Life #3

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