Reading and Writing Everywhere! Slice of Life – Makeup Day

slice of life_individual

As a reading advocate I am always searching for ways to have my students and people within my circle of influence to read and write. One of the ways I have done this in the past when I was in a classroom was a graffiti board outside my door. I must admit this practice caused major backups in the hallway many mornings.

I am a curriculum coach currently so I have a white board that I pose a question, a vocabulary word or something crazy to get people thinking outside my office. Sometimes it is a serious topic and other times it is just fun.

Currently the question is, “What smell do you love?”

Earlier in the week it was , “What do you dip your chicken nuggets into?”

Words of the Day have been enigma and candor.

I love questions! I asked several people yesterday:

Have you ever made a bucket list or life list?

What is the favorite space in your house?

What is the perfect meal for you?

Not sure what the board will read tomorrow but I know that people will be checking!


One thought on “Reading and Writing Everywhere! Slice of Life – Makeup Day

  1. I love this idea of your professional graffiti board. I had one when I was an English teacher, and the kids loved. Of course adults might like it too! Thanks for the inspiration.


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