A Non-Book Recommendation

This YOUTUBE video is one of my favorites.


It is funny and makes me want to open my own writing center!

What is Saving My Life Right Now

  1. Coffee

I need my coffee…everyday. It fuels me. I like it strong and dark. It is part of my happy daily ritual and routine.

2.Book Riot, All the Books, and What Should I Read Next podcasts

I am so excited on Monday and Tuesday mornings for these podcasts. I have an hour drive to work and enjoy adding to my TBR list.

3. Candles

We burn candles at my house everyday. I like clean scents, but just the fire is comforting. I wish I could burn them in my office at work!

4. Fires in the fireplace

My husband and I have been making daily fires in our house. He often has it roaring when I walk in the door from work.

5. Daily reading and writing goals

I write in my bullet journal to read and write everyday. It is a gentle reminder for me to actually do it. Of course, books are always saving my life. I am picking up a stack requested from the library and I feel like I need a reading vacation!

6. Word of the Year focus

Create and inspire are my two words for the year. I am trying to inspire more people to read and using my writing for creation.

7.My Middle School students and their humor

I am so suited for middle school. I find the students funny and quirky. I had a conversation this morning about magic noodles and exploring in a crawlspace with a headlamp!