Brains and the Rule of Three

Brainpickings  is one of my favorite websites and newsletter. I subscribe and enjoy the weekly articles which I have found it to contain some of the most intelligent and interesting content on the web. It is a great source to link to other worthwhile reading.

I find my way to my new obsessions in curious ways sometimes. Let me explain how this sequence of new obsession occurred:

  1. While listening to Tsh’s podcast this week she quoted Parker Palmer, an author I had never heard of before. I enjoyed the quote and made sure to check the shownotes to copy it down correctly.
  2. While I was searching for something else I also found a blogpost from Modern Mrs Darcy about Palmer’s books.
  3. This blogpost led me to the articles on Brainpickings about Palmer.


When a topic or a name pops up in front of me 3 times or more I figure I am supposed to pay attention. It seems that Palmer’s writing is exactly what I need right now. The quote that Tsh shared (#4 below) is a thought that is much more eloquently expressed in Palmer’s words then it has been in my own head. It is however what I have been contemplating and reflecting on all this week.

Palmer’s book is requested at the public library ( I am trying to cut down on the book buying…will let you know how THAT goes…) and I am looking forward to growing as  a person as I read his work.

Here are some ideas I have gleaned so far:

  1. I need to honor my shadow and my light. I also need to honor these characteristics in others.
  2. Wholeness is the goal – not perfection.
  3. I need to exercise my heart with joy and pains. Self protection all the time does not lead to an interesting life.
  4. “Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you.”

Happy Reading!


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