Running and Reading

Running and reading are two of my greatest passions. There can be many different genres of runs just like books. There are training runs, first snow runs, there are book club runs (which I am part of several but only starting last year – but that is another story) and there are runs discussing books. Luckily, I am blessed with one of my running buddies is also an avid reader and in one of these book clubs. When we had both read the same book for book club we were discussing it. As we ran along we were talking about things that surprised us about the book. As the conversation began to get weird we realized that the last 50 pages of my friend’s print book were missing and the story had ended abruptly. She just thought it was a clever author’s technique to keep the reader guessing. It made for a memorable run and also an interesting book club discussion! It is a happy day when I can combine both loves at the same time – I am a fan of multitasking.

Currently, I am reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell,  but am having a hard time getting into it. This is one of those books I really want to read but have started it at least twice now. I watched a reading from the author a long while ago. I will continue to press on.

I am also reading Chasing Utopia by Nikki Giovanni which she describes as a hybrid. It has essays and recipes and poems. I happened upon this book while I was teaching a lesson about her poem My First Memory (of Librarians). To add a technology piece and also for the students to see and hear her I showed a New York Times video. The speech was so moving and interesting I downloaded the book on my Kindle that evening! It has not disappointed and has inspired some writing about my Oma and her cooking. Nikki describes how her family is “dangerous with cooking” because they are so talented with it.

Happy Reading!



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