Welcome to a Life Experiment

Welcome to my inaugural post! I have made many attempts to start a blog but it has never “stuck”. I have recently been inspired by a lot of others bloggers that I follow and other readers.

Many people ask me why I read. First and foremost, I enjoy it immensely. It also allows me to see how other people think. This can mean the authors themselves or the characters. I have always been a reader and spent most of my middle school lunches in the corner of the library. Not because I didn’t have friends, but because I choose to spend the time alone. I now know I was recharging myself for the remainder of the school day! I read because I am always learning. Not only do I love to read but also love to inspire others to read. It used to be only children that I influenced but have recently discovered many adults have come to books or “back to books” due to conversations. I can only read so many books before I feel compelled to talk about them. Luckily, I have a great tribe of readers that surround me.

My reading routine for the last year has been to read a non-fiction, a fiction and a professional book. The books I am reading now have veered from that pattern slightly. In addition to these I also read articles, blogs, and newspapers online. So to start I am just going to share the books that I am reading currently:

Honeydew by: Edith Pearlman

A collection of short stories that I am enjoying immensely. I cannot remember how I came to find this book,but am glad the library had it!

A Man Named OVE by: Fredrik Backman

This book was recommended by a reader friend. She passed it to her husband who loved it and now it is passed to me. One of my book clubs is now reading it for next month.

The Teacher You  Want to Be by: Matt Glover and Ellin Oliver Keene

I always try to read a professional book but this one is going slowly. I am not certain why because I enjoy the format and the respected people and their insight.

Happy Reading!